Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I inquire about your availability?

Send me an email: OR Call me: 828.779.8401

What are your prices?

Wedding Photography Pricing varies depending on location and coverage needed. I would LOVE to hear about your Wedding so please do send an e-mail to and I’ll be happy to e-mail you the full pricing guide!

Where are you Located & What Areas do you Serve?

I am so lucky to call Asheville, North Carolina Home!!! Although, I'm living my Bliss here in Asheville, I regularly travel throughout North Carolina, The Southeast & around the Globe for Weddings! I LOVE traveling to Photograph Weddings -- new landscapes, venues and scenery really excite me!!

Do you charge a travel fee?

I do not charge a travel fee for Weddings that are within an hour's drive of Asheville. For Weddings that are more than 1hrs from Asheville, I require a travel fee of $1/mile round trip. For Weddings that are 4hrs or more from Asheville, I require one night's hotel stay & fuel reimbursement. For Weddings that are more than 8hrs from Asheville, I require a plane ticket & 2 nights hotel stay. Let's chat, I'd love to go on a Grand Adventure with you!!! :)

How would you describe your shooting style?

I take a photo journalistic approach in documenting your Best Day! I try to let the day unfold without interfering or interrupting the flow too much. The times when I do step in and “direct” are during bride + groom, bridal party and family portraits! I love shooting Portraits but I also really love capturing the spontaneous moments before your Ceremony and at your Reception!

Do you photograph formal shots of family and friends?

Yes! Of Course! Generally, right after the ceremony, we will shoot formal group shots of your family, friends and wedding party! I understand the importance of traditional formal portraits for you and your family! Also, throughout the reception I will be shooting pictures of groups of people as you think of them or as I see them happen!

Do you edit the photos?

Yes, I edit all the images in your collection myself. This includes adjustments like brightness/contrast, tone, color and temperature. I do not send your images to another company to be edited because I want total control of how they look from start to finish. Part of the joy of photography is processing the photos.

Do you offer black and white as well as color?

Yes! Each Wedding Client receives both Black and White & Color Versions of All of their Wedding Day Images! There is no extra charge for any choice of style. Some clients may prefer 100% black and white coverage or 100% color coverage, but most choose a mix of both! This will be entirely up to you!

When will our wedding photos be ready to view?

Your photos will be finished and placed into an on-line, password-protected gallery 4-8 weeks after your wedding depending on the time of year and my editing backlog! You can freely share the link with friends and family, too!

How many photos will we get from our Wedding?

It depends on hours of coverage, but typically I will deliver 200-600 quality photos from a single wedding.

Do we get digital copies of the photos?

Yes, you will be able to Download your Entire Digital Archive {all of your images} instantly, directly from your on-line gallery!

Can we print the images ourselves?

Yes, you do have printing rights, but I strongly recommend ordering from our pro printing lab to ensure the prints look as I intend them to.

Does that mean we own the copyright?

There is often confusion about Copyright versus Printing Rights! Because I am the Photographer, I own the Copyright to the Images I shoot. However, you DO own the Printing Rights to your Images! This means that you would need to get my permission prior to Publishing your Images or Selling your Images to any Magazine or other third party but that's really the only way that you would be affected by my owning the Copyright! With the Print Rights, You have the ability to make as many personal prints or re-prints as you want! You are under no obligation to order prints from me, however if you would like to, the relationships I have setup with professional printing labs will produce better results than traditional consumer labs. Reprint prices have been priced accordingly to allow you to order through us and get professional lab quality and achieve the highest quality possible without spending considerable amounts of money!

Can we post the photos to Facebook?

Yes! I just ask that you post them “as is” and don’t add crazy filters or manipulate the photos. If you feel like crediting Inspired Life Photography, that is much appreciated!

What do your Collections generally include?

Please See the “Investment” page for more information!

I'm having a non-traditional Wedding & none of your collections really fit what I need, can we customize a collection for our Wedding?

ABSOLUTELY! I try to keep things as simple as possible {Wedding planning is already complicated enough, right?!} I would be more than happy to customize something that works for you! All you have to do is ask! :)

How many Weddings do you shoot per year?

I only accept 30 Wedding dates per year. That's plenty of work for little ole me! I like to give each of my Wedding clients the time and personal attention that they deserve! I'm not the type of photographer who shoots 75 Weddings per year & as a result, you're just a number! Your Wedding matters to me -- {a lot}!

What kind of Equipment do you use?

I use professional digital SLR cameras! I use Nikon Cameras and lenses. I always bring at least 3 cameras to each wedding with a full complement of professional grade lenses and flashes. I currently shoot with Nikon equipment. I shoot with a Nikon D4 & a Nikon D810. I shoot with two cameras and a backup on your Wedding Day. I also shoot with Nikon lenses including: Nikon 35 Art Lens, Nikon 85mm, Nikon 70-200mm. I use Nikon Speed Light Flash for low light situations, during receptions or to create ambiance during your daytime reception {Nikon SB-910}, lightstands and pocket wizards.

Do you have business insurance?

Yes, I do!

How do we book you?

I require a 50% non-refundable reservation fee for most collections + a signed contract to secure your date. It’s a very simple process, we'll have you on my calendar in no time at all!

Please get in touch with me HERE