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Posted on Nov 11, 2018

Laura & Matt are getting Married today!!!

We shot their Engagement Session over the summer while they were in Asheville for Wedding related actives!

Matt proposed at Burial Brewing Company — in the famous truck cab

When we scheduled their Engagement Session,

we failed to consider that the brewery might not be open at 10am…

But, unsurprisingly, the Burial Brewing staff were so accommodating for this 10am Engagement Session, letting us access the property before they opened so that we could get a couple shots in & around that truck!

They even gifted Matt & Laura a 6 pack as Congratulations!!!

Laura & Matt will be getting Married today at The Capital Club at the top of the South Slope & if I were a betting woman (I am)

I’d be willing to bet they’ll be serving Burial Beer at their Reception today!

I can’t wait to shoot this one!



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Posted on May 18, 2016

I’ve known Seth Koon for most of my life…

His younger sister, Chelsea, has been one of my best friends since I was 6yrs old & I spent many weekends and summers at their house growing up!

Seth has been like a brother to me since I was a little girl {with all that entails}…

He & his friends picked on us when we were in elementary school & they were far too cool for us when we were in junior high & high school but when Seth & I went to the same university, we Finally became actual Friends! 🙂  Five hours from home, at ECU, Seth took us under his wing & showed us the ropes! 🙂

Seth Koon is one of the good guys & he deserves someone who recognizes that & will love him forever & I know he’s found that in Jessica!

I asked these guys how they met and the way Jessica tells it, she was out enjoying her Birthday at a local bar a couple years ago…. she wasn’t really on the prowl, she was just minding her own business, playing music on the juke box when Seth walks up and asks her: “is that you over here playing all that rap music!?”

And that. was. it.

These guys have been inseparable ever since!

They love to Hike & Camp & Explore the world together & to me, that’s a BEAUTIFUL thing! 😉

AND, They REALLY Love each other!

Seth & Jessica will be saying I Do on Labor Day Weekend this year at Yesterday’s Spaces just outside the city of Asheville, in Leicester!

Congratulations guys, I can’t wait for your Big Day!



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{above}: is where I tell him to whisper something “sexy” to her…makes them laugh every time! 😉

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