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Hello there & Welcome!

I’m Brittany & I’m so glad that you’re here!


I’m the Owner, CEO, COO, CFO, Photographer, Stylist, Talent, Creative Director, Buyer, Designer,  Editor, Secretary, Accountant, Planner, Coordinator, Therapist, Clown & Advertising Exec over at Inspired Life Photography! 😉

I’ve been in the business professionally for almost 8 years & I positively LOVE my job!

{I say it at least 10x per week}

I’ve always LOVED faces & have had a camera in hand, snapping photos of the people around me since I was about 10 years old!

I took the long way about getting here {as folks often do} but I’m SO glad I made it…

I’m 31 and a  single mother to an 11 year old Chocolate Labrador Retriever. 😉

I’m not married yet, still waiting on the person who will walk through life with me to arrive!

In the mean time, I LOVE my city, Asheville is SUCH a cool place to live, I LOVE my cute little house, I LOVE my work, I LOVE my Dog and I LOVE my Family & Friends!!!

I spend my free time making checks off my Bucket List whenever I can, Traveling,  Hiking, Biking, Floating, Seeing Live Music, Enjoying Craft Brews, Gardening, Cooking, Crafting & Dating! 🙂

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading through my Blog & maybe you’ve taken a look at my Portfolio!?

My Blog is meant to be a much more in depth look at the Engagement Portrait Sessions, Bridal Portrait Sessions and Weddings that I’ve photographed recently!

{this is a new blog – as of April 2015 – so there isn’t much in archive here, yet! I will be adding more throughout the 2015 Wedding Season & beyond!}

I hope you’ve enjoyed the art!

It’s truly a labor of LOVE.

Get in touch if you’d like to get together to discuss reserving YOUR Wedding Day with me!!!