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Posted on May 25, 2019
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A Beautiful, Spring Wedding at Rumbling Bald Resort on Lake Lure!

Brianna & Cory met five years ago, during their first year of college at JMU! These two are soooo sweet! 🙂 Cory is more soft spoken & Brianna kept me lauhing! Her subtle humor is super cute & funny! 🙂

Things I Loved about this Wedding: I loved that (in early April) it had been raining a whole lot in the days beforehand, so all of the colors were super vibrant! I loved getting to incorporate some of the spring flowers near the venue! I love that I had a free day the week before the wedding to take a day trip over to the venue with my little guy, to explore and find some new locations for portraits! I really really loved getting to use a couple of those new spots for this wedding! You’ll see those in the newlywed portraits! 🙂 As always, I loved getting to shoot at Rumbling Bald again, I loved working with Paula, John and Wedding staff there at Rumbling Bald & the catering is always 100% 🙂

Vendor Love:

Venue: Rumbling Bald Resort

Cake: Sweets of Lake Lure

DJ: Jamie @ Spinfire Entertainment

Rumbling Bald Resort on Lake Lure
Posted on Apr 24, 2019

Meredith & Zach hosted the most Gorgeous Spring Wedding earlier this month in downtown Asheville at the Basilica St. Lawrence with their reception following at The Farm – A Gathering Place out in Candler!

Although Meredith & Zach are local (in Asheville) and we had more than a few phone calls, for one reason or another, we didn’t get the opportunity to meet before their Wedding Day! Which is my loss because these two are completely precious human beings!!! 🙂 As individuals, they’re both SOOOO stinking sweet but together, their Love is just — beyond! I’ll tell you one thing, Meredith is going to have a LIFETIME of laughter with that husband of hers (he’s a mess in the best, most hysterical way possible!) And I literally couldn’t be happier for them!

Things I loved about this Wedding:

They chose the Hyatt Place in downtown Asheville for their Pre-Ceremony / Getting ready portion of the day and the Hyatt Place’s Bridal Suit is the prettiest in town, in my humble opinion! 🙂

Meredith & her Bridesmaids Hair & Makeup was Flawless, thanks to my pal, Brittney and the team over at Flawless Airbrush Makeup & Hair!

Zach & Meredith did a little departure from the “norm” (but is actually very common in other parts of the country & Europe actually) — they had a 2hr break between the Ceremony and Reception! Which I think this is fun for the guests, takes the pressure off of everyone (including your photographer/photography timeline — we had plenty of un-rushed time for photos, it was amazing!) and just makes for a super laid back, fun kind of day! Give it some thought! 😉

Their reception was at The Farm – A Gathering Place which is one of my FAVORITE Venues because of their careful & thoughtful attention to every tiny detail! They REALLY know how to do Weddings right — the incredibly thoughtful attention to detail that Bethany and her team put in for their couples, their families, friends and the vendors — it’s literally second to none! <3

Posted on Apr 11, 2019
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Marinn & Dave had the most lovely, intimate spring wedding at Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden last month!

Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden is located in Belmont, NC which is just about 20 minutes outside of Charlotte! It has the most Gorgeous Ceremony options, an open air outdoor reception space, beautiful, manicured gardens and even an orchid/succulent greenhouse!

I had been hoping to shoot at Daniel Stowe for quite some time & was absolutely thrilled when Marinn asked me to photograph their Wedding!

Posted on Apr 05, 2019

Danny & Lisa hosted the most Beautiful March 2019 Wedding at Hidden River Events in Swannanoa, NC!

I’ve known Lisa for several years and have photographed her & her family on a few different occasions during that time! I adore Lisa! She is the most beautiful soul, inside & out! I also really love shooting at Hidden River (which is located in Swannanoa, NC — just outside Asheville city limits, near Warren Wilson College!) So, when Lisa asked me to shoot her Wedding (over a year ago), the answer was a resounding YES! 🙂

I’ve really gotten to know Lisa fairly well over the years and even more so in this last year! We took a little road trip to Charleston in January to shoot her Bridal Portrait Session, you can see that HERE!

I wanted to write something about how genuinely HAPPY both Lisa & Danny were on this day! I’ve known Lisa for a while and I’ve never witnessed her this way, ever…. Something about their Joyful Ease on this day, both of them — it stuck with me. It was really special to witness! <3

Things I Loved about this Wedding:

Lisa (duh), her Gorgeous, Romantic, Flowy Wedding Gown, Sparkly Keds!, the Floral (provided by Hidden River), The Flower Girl & Ring Barer were SOOOOO stinking Cute! The way Lisa cried when she hugged her grandma before the ceremony, Their Bridal Party was awesome, they were all so friendly & relatable — I really enjoyed working with them! Their Families were SOOOOOO Sweet, they had a BYOC (bring your own CAKE) potluck situation at their reception (and I legit devoured the best chocolate cake I think I’ve ever had (thanks somebody’s nana, because I KNOW somebody nana made that cake! LOL), that weird cowboy line dance was fascinating! All those ECU girls at the Wedding (informing me that: “this was the fun table” before they even know that I’m a Pirate too! ;)) Those Sunset photos! <3


Posted on Mar 28, 2019
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This is it, ya’ll!!! My last 2018 Wedding Blog! I’d love to tell you that I’m all caught up but I’m gonna hit’cha with some new 2019 Weddings (shot this past weekend) on the Blog in the next couple weeks! 😉

Courtney & Nick — OMG! Are there two sweeter people? I don’t think so!!! 🙂

Things I LOVED about this Wedding:

  1. It was a Christmas (12.22.18) / WINTER Wedding (& I ADORE Winter Weddings!!!)
  2. Courtney’s choice of a tea length dress & bird cage veil!
  3. the Princess Bride reading during their Ceremony!
  4. The vows they shared with each other — particularly Courtney’s words to Nick about Nick’s words to her throughout their courtship & engagement: “SLOW DOWN” (We all need to hear that, right!?)
  5. The Samoan Wedding Christmas themed Stoles that Nick’s family made for them to wear during the reception!
  6. That Sunset!
  7. The FARM! Duh! it’s one of my absolute favorite venues to shoot at, located just outside of Asheville proper, it has gorgeous mountain views, the facility has on site cabins for bridal party/family/guest lodging, it’s a gorgeous facility, they have horses and goats, the food is out of this world and the staff — they’re amazing!!! Check it out! <3 xo


Courtney & Nick — Thank You so much for asking me to be part of your Wedding Day! It was an honor to help you guys to tell this part of your story! Many Blessings & Best Wishes for the two of you!!! xo -Brittany

Posted on Mar 23, 2019
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Lisa’s getting MARRIED today & I’m SO Excited to finally be able to share her beautiful Bridal Portraits we shot down near Charleston in January!

I first spied the Historic Old Sheldon Church Ruins near Charleston, SC on instagram about 2-3 years ago & I was completely smitten with those old columns, wild ferns & Spanish moss! I put that location in my back pocket & was DYING to shoot something, anything there!!!

Cue: Lisa Price getting Married!!!

I’ve known Lisa for several years, I’ve shot a couple other portrait sessions for her & her family over the years and consider her a friend! So, when she reached out about her Wedding over a year ago, I immediately asked her if she’d be game to go on an adventure to shoot Bridal Portraits — of course, she was!

In January, Lisa & I took a road trip from Asheville down to the coast of South Carolina to visit the Historic Old Sheldon Church Ruins to shoot her Gorgeous Bridal Portraits!

Bride FYI: That GORGEOUS Dress is made by designer Stella York & can be found at Wedding Inspirations in Asheville, NC! xo

When we arrived, the Photography NERD in me was COMPLETELY GEEKING OUT!!! I’m talking a ridiculous kid in a candy store smile, clapping my hands & jumping up and down – it was ridiculous how excited I was to shoot there! It took me a good 15 minutes to calm my nervous system down enough to focus so I could shoot the photos! LOL

After her shoot, we spent the night at a cute little AirBnB in Charleston, went to the most amazing restaurant & totally TREATED ourselves for Dinner & Dessert in Charleston (which is one of the best food cities in the South East in my opinion!!) We walked through the Market & had Breakfast in the morning before hading back to Asheville! 🙂 What a (quick) fun trip!

I love to work with Brides who TRUST me explicitly, Brides who are game for any wild adventure I suggest & when we get to bond this level!!!

Today, when I walk into Lisa’s Bridal Suit at Hidden River Events, it’ll feel like I’m arriving to shoot my FRIEND’S Wedding!!! What an incredible feeling!!! 🙂 I texted her this morning but I just wanna say again: Lisa, I am SO Happy for you, I’m so Happy that you & Danny found each other & Wish you nothing but a Lifetime Happiness for all the days of your lives together! xo -Brit


Lisa insisted on shooting a couple pictures of me there at the ruins (because I was SO excited to be there!) when we were done shooting her portraits & I’m such a WEIRDO in front of the camera — this is me fake baby crying about being so uncomfortable in front of the camera! LOL #RickyBobbyAllDay

Posted on Mar 14, 2019

A Gorgeous November Wedding shot in Downtown Asheville, NC at Capital Club of Asheville!

Laura & Matt’s Wedding was one of my favorites of the year & it was such a nice way to end a super busy fall wedding (& portrait) season!!!

Reasons this Wedding was one of my Favorites:

Laura & Matt are so relatable, so down to earth & so sweet! They’re chill, they’re super funny & they love good beer & good times! (exactly the kinds of clients I love to work with!) The also did this thing their own way & put pieces of themselves into every aspect of this beautiful day!

Also – I always love shooting at the Capital Club of Asheville! Anytime a Capital Club Wedding lands in my inbox, I always say Yes! 🙂 It’s one of my favorite downtown Asheville venues! I love it because it feels sophisticated & fancy (because it’s in the city) & I also really love the (almost) 360 degree panoramic views of the mountains/city!!! The staff is also awesome & it’s close to home for me! (5 mins tops!)

Anyway, here are a few of my favorites from their Wedding!


The Bridal Party got ready at the new Cambria Hotel, just a couple blocks from the venue!

Grove Arcade Views from the Cambria Hotel Bridal Suit Balcony! 😉
What a TOTAL Smoke Show!!! OwOw Mrs Bucher! 😉

Wall Street (between Cambria Hotel & Capital Club is lined with these Gorgeous Yellow Trees in the Fall. We wanted to shoot portraits there….but, it rained the night before.
We lost the Sunshine (literally) 5 minutes before Ceremony time!
Posted on Mar 06, 2019

A Gorgeous Fall Wedding at Rumbling Bald Resort in Lake Lure!

Allison & Mitchell’s Wedding was one of my Favorites from the Fall of 2018! They were Married on the peak leaf day the fall season at the Beautiful Rumbling Bald Resort in Lake Lure, NC (just about an hour through the mountains, outside of Asheville proper!) It poured & poured rain in the days preceding their Wedding Day which was the catalyst for the stunning, vibrant fall color on their big day!! All that rain made the colors of everything so rich & vibrant! That gift from Mother Nature coupled with Allison’s amazing Wedding style — What a visual feast! ENJOY!!!

In the past, when blogging, I always included SO MANY photos for a couple reasons: 1. because I love all of the images and can’t decide which to share and which to skip and 2. because I wanted to tell the (complete) story for you but — YA’LL — I’ve been struggling to be consistent about Blogging (forever) but especially since I became a mother! And now that I have a 2yr old to chase all day long, I just don’t have the time for these really in depth blog posts anymore! I want to keep blogging but I just don’t have the time to shoot, edit, deliver galleries, handle inquiries, bookings, contracts, invoices, book keeping, marketing and advertising, and on and on and on & being a MOM!!! So, Blogging going forward’s gonna change a little! I’m going to (force myself) to only share my five images from each section of the day (Details, Pre-Ceremony, Ceremony, Portraits and Reception!) I’m gonna try real hard to stick to this limitation so that hopefully I can achieve my goal of being more consistent & regularly blogging!!! xo Brittany

An area of Rumbling Bald that I hadn’t really paid much attention to until those leaves on the mountains were screaming at me to pay attention! 🙂

Allison’s Dad cracked me up!!! He was a boisterous, charismatic South Carolinian with the accent to match! One of those quintessential jokesters, a flirt, who loved a good laugh & shagging! My favorite kind of Wedding Dad! 🙂

I hope this little girl grows up & cherishes this image of her dancing with her Grandpa!

And they lived Happily, Ever, After! xo

Posted on Jan 11, 2019

I judge a venue usually by their Bridal Suit and MANNNNNNN, oh Man, I think Inn at Tranquility Farm takes top prize in this category!

Not only does this venue boast Gorgeous Mountain Views, it also has the most beautiful interior of the main house/bridal suit! 🙂

I absolutely love shooting there and really hope to do it more often!

You know how there’s always that ONE weekend in October where it turns off frigid cold (after having been in the 60’s for the entire month)

That turned out to be Chelsea & Tyler’s weekend this year!

It poured rain for two days prior to their Wedding (which was the catalyst for our foliage peak — the following weekend) and it was frigid cold — like 30 degrees!

They were Married at Inn at Tranquility Farm on October 27. 2018!

Typically, the Inn would have the amazing Mountain Views and I know Chelsea & Tyler were hoping for those but the rain (which thankfully, stopped long enough for a Wedding) left us with overcast skies, heavy cloud cover and a fair amount of fog that day!

Also, the last weekend in October is usually a really good bet for brilliant fall color but our peak leaf weekend this year was late & it didn’t happen until the following weekend!

Never the less, Chelsea & Tyler had a Beautiful Wedding & a super fun party with all of their friends and family!

My favorite things about this Wedding:

Tyler was SO sweet & thoughtful! He gave Chelsea Wedding Gifts EVERY HOUR leading up to their Ceremony!

I loved how beautiful the Inn’s Bridal Suit is/the possibilities it provided for some really nice pre-wedding coverage of Chelsea’s activities!

I loved the catering! HOLY COW, was that dinner phenomenal!

I love how LIT their Reception was! They had SO MUCH FUN dancing with their guests!

I also really loved my 2nd shooter for the day, Stephanie! <3

Many Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Slaughter!


Inn at Tranquility Farm photos wedding invitation

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wedding dress

bridal shoes

engagement ring

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bridal bouquet

bride accepting wedding day gifts

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bride with bridesmaids in robes

bride portrait before ceremony

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bride with mother and sister

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pre ceremony prayer with bridesmaids

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bride and father 1st look

Bride with father and sister

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Father walks bride down isle

father walks bride down isle

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Inn at Tranquility Farm Wedding Venue

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Family Portraits on Wedding Day

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1st dance photos bride and groom dancing with parents Wedding Reception Photos Wedding Reception Photos Wedding Reception Photos wedding cake Wedding Reception Photos Wedding Reception Photos Wedding Reception Photos

I tried to give her a little fall, since it hadn’t actually arrived yet!

bride and groom portrait

Posted on Dec 30, 2018

Abbie & Joel’s Wedding was one of my favorites this season!

I think a lot of that favoritism comes from the fact that we had already spent an afternoon hiking together (to shoot their Engagement Session ) over the summer!

Abbie is a total bad ass!

Wanna know how I know?

She hiked Black Balsam in heels. All the way to the top. And back down again. 🙂

Abbie & Joel are kind, friendly, easy going and incredibly gracious!

Other reasons this Wedding was one of my faves:

It was a Gorgeous October Day

I love Lake Lure Inn & Spa Weddings!

They chose to get Married in the Garden at the Inn (which was a unique choice!)

I had the greatest 2nd Shooter that day {I really enjoyed working with Daniella!}

I LOVE a good cry (re: Joel — all day!) <3

It was truly my pleasure getting to know them & helping them to tell their story on their Wedding Day, this past October at the Beautiful 1927 Lake Lure Inn & Spa which is about 45 minutes outside of Asheville!

Enjoy this quick look at their day (& a few of their Engagement Photos to start!)

**Black Balsam Knob Engagement **

**Black Balsam Knob Engagement **

**Black Balsam Knob Engagement **